Saturday, 12 January 2019

Scalloway Fire Festival

Hmmf.... the lack of posting on here continues due to ill health, sorry about that. The knee is still mending and doing really well, but I've now other health concerns that are being investigated and stopping all play and making work difficult. Combine that with coming down with flu on Christmas eve and it's not been the start to 2019 that I was hoping for.

But the evening of Scalloway Fire Festival wasn't bad. 

Being unwell since Christmas I just got a spot overlooking the burning site with Clare and Beren and got a few photos and some video of the burning.

What no head?!

 Ah, there it is sadly floating away all on it's own...

There were some great fire works this year, good enough to almost over shadow the main event. I do like fire works!

Anyway here's a couple of minutes of video of the end of the procession and the galley burning for those of you who couldn't be there...

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