Friday, 23 November 2018

Cycling Shetland; Scalloway to Hamnavoe

So, as I start to build back up my fitness after my knee replacement I thought I'd post some selections of rides I do around Shetland as I start exploring again to give people some ideas. Last week I managed to ride from Scalloway to Meal Beach and Hamnavoe. About 16km/10 miles return with 373m of elevation, though the highest point is only 80m. It took me about and hour of riding without any sightseeing along the way.

For those who want the route as a GPX you can get it from my strava page here.

There's plenty of parking in Scalloway, public loos and The Cornerstone Cafe at Burns Beach along with a couple of shops just along the road.

There's also a castle with key available at the Museum (in season) near it or The Scalloway Hotel.

Looking down on Scalloway with the Trondra Brig centre right...

The route is very straight forward heading south from Scalloway along East Voe to cross the bridge to Trondra and then the bridge from Trondra to Burra. You get great views south down the Clift Sound...

Once on Burra you can follow the signs for Meal Beach. There's a car park and toilets there and a good path down to the top of the hill that over looks the beach. You can leave your bike at the top and walk down unless you're feeling very adventurous.

Leaving from Meal Beach you can retrace the road back to Hamnavoe where there's a shop and toilets near the marina along with a lighthouse out on the headland if you fancy a short walk before returning to Scalloway.

Winds are often southerly in Shetland, so if you have a head wind on your way to Burra rest assured you'll have a nice push on the way back. None of the hills are long or particularly steep and it's mainly 2 lane road. Do pay attention when crossing the bridges though, give way to traffic on them; and as a cyclist it's courteous wait if you see cars closely approaching the other side to try to let any cars behind you go over first.

I'm hoping to do a little cycle with a friend this weekend from either Bonhoga or the Brig of Walls, so watch this space...

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