Sunday, 2 September 2018

The Great Escape!

Just about 7 weeks post knee replacement, with it being such a good day and my rehab progress going great, we decided to have a family trip north to Frankie's Chip Shop; the UK's most northerly chippy!

On the way we'd noticed that the island in Girlsta Loch had a causeway to it! It's Shetland's deepest loch (or was!) and has cold water artic char in it. Obviosuly this summer has been so dry that the remains of a causeway to it have 're-appeared'.

With two trekking poles and Clare carrying my camera I managed to slowly and carefully get down to it, and across it! Clare even walked around the shore, but I thought I'd pushed my luck getting to it never mind further.

I'd guess it'll be a while before the loch's this low again with autumn approaching now.

After Frankie's we also went to Otter Ayre a secluded beach on Muckle Roe...

Beren had a clamber about the rocks...

And I sat on my bum taking photos of the waves with Clare doing yoga in the foreground, but sadly it's that long since I've been out with my camera that I'd missed the focus on all those photos! I'm not impressed as there'd have been some nice pics, if they'd been in focus.

So, I'm home now, very tired, but not in pain. I'll find out later this evening how my knee has taken to the peerie off road adventures today...