Saturday, 16 December 2017

I'm still no nearer getting my knee sorted out despite a few false hopes, hence the lack of posting on here. I did get a cortisone injection in my knee last week, which helped a lot for a short while, but it's now loosing it's effect. The latest news is I should get seen by an orthopaedic consultant by the end of February. Here's hoping that I do and that I get a resolution to the pain.

Today was a beautiful day so I made a slow wander across from Hamnavoe to the Smuggler's Cave to play some didgeridoo near the Winter Solstice with the sunlight streaming in the cave mouth.

Cold, but nice with a golden light...

And I made a bit of a video when I was in the cave from clips from my phone and camera. The sound's not the best with the competing noise of the sea, but I had a nice time down there playing didge and bathing in the winter sun.

Thanks for popping by.


  1. Oh, hubby and I were only saying a couple of days ago that we hoped you were okay as you hadn't posted in a while. Sorry to hear the knee is still not good. Hope you have a good Christmas despite the knee and don't have too much pain. We have spent the last couple of weeks watching the Island Medics series from Gilbert Bain.

    1. Thanks Ellen, hope house have a good Christmas too. Island Medics seems to have been well received. I watched a couple of them.

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