Saturday, 16 December 2017

I'm still no nearer getting my knee sorted out despite a few false hopes, hence the lack of posting on here. I did get a cortisone injection in my knee last week, which helped a lot for a short while, but it's now loosing it's effect. The latest news is I should get seen by an orthopaedic consultant by the end of February. Here's hoping that I do and that I get a resolution to the pain.

Today was a beautiful day so I made a slow wander across from Hamnavoe to the Smuggler's Cave to play some didgeridoo near the Winter Solstice with the sunlight streaming in the cave mouth.

Cold, but nice with a golden light...

And I made a bit of a video when I was in the cave from clips from my phone and camera. The sound's not the best with the competing noise of the sea, but I had a nice time down there playing didge and bathing in the winter sun.

Thanks for popping by.