Sunday, 14 May 2017

A family mooch about the south end

It was a nice morning, due to get wet and overcast after lunch so after a late Eurovison night we were off in reasonable time to have a look about the south end. Those of you that know me know that I;m a jinx when it comes to orcas, so we didn't expect to see any and we weren't disappointed!

We did stop to sit and watch the seals on the beach a Rerwick though. There's usually a good number there and today there were 58.

We carried on south towards Quendale and had a wander out to Garthsness. The is old fella with monocles and a smile caught my eye!

As did the lambs! I had a roast lamb dinner at the Sumburgh Hotel later, but it wasn't great. I should have stuck to my usual steak baguette and chips.

Bird life is picking up and we saw swallows, turnstones, divers, terns and close in a number of eiders.

 No orcas, but you knew that! Theye've been about a lot lately again, but as I was in the south end they were probably up north.

Still it was a lovely Sunday morning to be out...

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  1. A good walk out - we also did the Eurovision late night thing and pottered in the garden on Sunday. So no orcas spotted either...