Saturday, 4 March 2017

A spring swim to Vementry

Today was supposed to be the first sail on Marta for a long time, but with a strong easterly and falling tide when we'd be getting back to Voe we decided to do something a little different!

Instead I met my friend at Aith and we went to the shore base at Vementry Farm for a quick swim across Cribba Sound and a walk to the chambered cairn on Muckle Ward for a little lunch.

Looking across Cribba Sound. Maybe about 30m, but there was a bit of tide running an a fresh breeze too.

We wore dry suits to swim across with our other gear in dry bags. Once across Vementry was ours to explore, but with heavy weather due we weren't going to stay too long. We still had to swim back!

Strangely, we had the island all to ourselves. Though we did see a few mountain hares in winter white.

Swarback Minn guns on the left an Ronas Hill in the far distance.

The view from the cairn...

And lunch on the go...

 This made me laugh! No it's not broke back mountain with love heart shaped burgers!!!

 The heel shaped chambered cairn...

Complete with otter spraint? Mountaineering otters?

What a place...

After lunch all that remained was to swim back to the mainland. Wind and tide were up a bit more, but there was no drama, just a lot of laughs.

 And here's a little video of the trip including the swim across...

Cheers for popping by!

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