Sunday, 12 February 2017

Winter wonderland

Well, after months of gales and rain we've had the most amazing weekend. Cold, still and sunny. It's been amazing.

Today Clare, Beren and I decided to go for a walk and some lunch at The Hams O Roe on Muckle Roe. Beren's only been there as a baby in his old off road pushchair about 5 years ago. Today he walked!

A little shelter for lunch...

Various burgers on the go...

Happy family!

There was some impressive ice about and some weird sounds from stone skimming on it on the video below.


It was a grand day out!

And here's a little video of it...

Yesterday I also got out for a walk on the hills around Burwick. Deep heather with deep snow in parts too.

 The Bod of Nesbister on the end of the ayre down in Whiteness...

And by contrast ponies enjoying the sun on the banks in Scalloway...

That's all for now folks!


  1. Enjoyed the video, what a lovely day. I managed a bimble and brew round the loch here, lovely!

    1. Yeah a wonderful weekend. All the best!