Thursday, 5 January 2017

It's been a while. Happy New Year!

Well it's been even longer than I thought since I last posted here. Must try better! I guess I've just been having a bit of a down time with things and cycling (5500km last year) has taken a lot of my energy if not my time, so I've not been out and about as much to interesting and new places outside of work trips.

Anyway I decided to forgo a potentially icy bike ride today to go for a walk around the coast on West Burra; an area I really like. I'm going to try and get out for more 'non-work' walks this year and to visit areas of Shetland that I've not made it to so far. I also want to get out walking more as I'm headed to the Faroe Islands in June for a weeks backpacking and wild camping. Cycling has got me fit again and helped me lose some weight, but I need some more time on my feet rather than on my bum on a bike to be fit for the mountains of Faroe.

Here's a trace of my 7km walk today. North along the coast from Papil and back along the road...

Walking down to Minn beach, a fine day but icy southerly....

Looking up to Virda, a heady 56m! Hmm... I need to find some bigger hills to walk the mountains on Faroe are up to the 800m mark!

Mill remains...

Looking south to Kettla Ness...

And Minn beach...

A very Shetland view. Usually there are loads of ravens up here, but not today.

Whale Wick where my walk continues around...

The waterfall out of Ruff Loch. A great place for birding in the summer...

Heading up the side of Whale Wick to The Hill of Sandwick I thought I'd take  photo of this big and deep crack in the earth over the cliffs. It's been here a while and I'm not sure if it's getting much bigger, but I wasn't about to walk on the seaward side of it!

Looking north across Sand Wick, one of the many in Shetland...

One of my favourite beaches to watch seals, if you can sneak close enough without being spotted.

And another favourite there are the ponies and their foals when they arrive.

From here it was a walk back tot he car along the road with some weather starting to come in...

On the way I popped into Papil Kirk yard. I'd not actually visited it before and was pleased to see a replica of the 'Papil Stone' and information about the history of Papil and the kirk.

If you're still here thanks for popping by and I'll try to to do some more regular posts.


  1. Orrabest for 2017 to you and yours from me and mine!!!

    1. Yep, all the best to you and yours too Scott :D

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  3. Happy New Year Kev. Nice to see you are still out and about.
    This year sees the start of our preparations to move up. We hope to put our house on the market down here in the summer and move into rented to support our youngest through a postgraduate course. Once we have done that we shall start looking for somewhere to purchase up in Shetland, hopefully late Autumn.

    1. Exciting times! Beat of luck with it all :D

    2. Thanks. We are very excited.