Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fetlar flit

Well, I've been up on Fetlar today, swanning around...

Before the next spell of winter weather hits, so I took the chance to take a few impromptu photos while I was down at Tresta looking at a few things. Nice waves...

 I popped into the kirk for the first time too.

And saw this nice little nativity in their 'quiet corner'...

We're back to gales tomorrow and hopefully some snow before the weekend too!


  1. Nice wave pictures! Is that really a tree stump on Tresta beach? We have never walked that far along...

    1. Cheers. I can only assume someone had a bit of fun digging that tree onto the beach. It certainly hasn't grown there.

  2. The wave photos are good - love the translucent almost glass like quality of the middle one.