Sunday, 20 November 2016


We've had some wonderfully calm, but cold wintry weather the last few days. Sadly I was working Saturday and most of Sunday too (surely a crime with such good weather!), but I took the chance for an icy mountain bike on Friday afternoon.

My route took me up Sundibanks above Scalloway...

And along the hill tops to Wester Quarff...

Where I joined a track to Easter Quarff ...

And a circuitous route to, and around, Brindister Loch...

All in bright sunshine, until half way along Cunningham Way above Lerwick when I had a cold sleety shower all the way home. Ah well, it was good while it lasted!

Returning from work on Saturday a friend wanted to know if I fancied a camp on Ronas Hill in the snow on a clear calm night. I did, but said getting up there in the car (or more accurately back down) might be challenge and I was time limited with work commitments on Sunday. Eventually we settled on a camp on Lunna Ness and took a bag of fire wood with us too.

It was stunning night. If only the northern lights would come out to play!

But they didn't.

But hey, I can't complain...

We even saw some shooting stars.

It was super night. Only spoilt by, it would seem, the buffet at the work event in the day giving me a very gippy tummy. Yes I had lots of opportunity to study the wonderful winter night sky all night long!

I've a couple of days off now, so I hope the fine weather continues and my stomach settles so that I can enjoy it!

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