Thursday, 3 November 2016

Dog fight!

I've been out and about a lot lately; yesterday on Papa Stour, today on Fetlar and, weather permitting, tomorrow on Foula. Today I decided to pop along to the bird hide near The Loch of Funzie to eat my lunch. There didn't seem to be much happening, but it was a nice place to have lunch, when all of a sudden things livened up!

 A peregrine falcon appeared and a dog fight with a lapwing ensued.


It seemed to last for ages. Certainly 10 minutes with the swoops and tight turns over the ponds before the peregrine went up high and then swept down for another run.

Luckily for the lapwing it didn't get caught. At least while I was watching. It was certainly the most interesting thing I saw on Fetlar, the rest being bog, stiles, gates and a bridge!

Fingers crossed for my flight to Foula tomorrow...

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