Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Ready for the off!

Here's Bessie the bike all packed and ready to go on an adventure...

I'm off on Thursday's ferry for 4 days bikepacking. A trip from Perth to Aberdeen via a mix of quiet roads, estate tracks through glens and forest and hopefully some nice single track too. 

Plotted on the maps its around 345km or 215 miles, but I'm sure the actual mileage will be a touch higher unless I take some short cuts. I've a rough idea where I hope to wildcamp each night, but will play it by ear depending on the weather and how fit I feel, or not!

I'm hoping to do a video of the trip, so watch this space!

In other news... I was ill all last week, along with Clare and Beren. Despite this I managed to dose myself up on Sunday in order to attend the Shetland Wheelers Handicap TT. It was an ideal day for it and I had the chance to use my super speedy aero-helmet for the first time....

And super speedy I was. I'm not sure is it was the sudafed and paracetamol, aero-helmet or a week on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, but I broke my person best for the 10 mile course by 2.16 minutes! Due to my massive handicap points for the race I also won the Handicap TT! My first ever bike race win, if you can honestly call winning it with what is still realistically a slow time a win. Still whatever I was super chuffed!