Saturday, 11 June 2016

Sail and a century

I achieved a big goal of mine yesterday, to cycle 100 miles or a century as it's known. I really wasn't sure if I could do it, but took the day off work anyway to do my best. The route was planned- north to voe then two loops around Mossbank, Brae and North Roe junction, then back home- the weather was fine and not too warm with a reasonable north-easterly.

I was up at 6am and on the road by 6.45am with what turned out to be 6 hours 45 minutes of cycling ahead of me at an average of 15mph. That speed and time was much better than I had hoped. I paced it just right too, getting home obviously tired, but certainly not on my last legs limping across the line. All fuelled by a couple of Scalloway Meat Company egg and bacon quiches, 1 snickers bar and 3 double deckers. I didn't even stop at The Sizzle Sisters butty van at Voe or Frankies chippy at Brae; I was on a mission.

Mission completed 101.5 miles or 163.7km later I was so chuffed. I sold my bike not long after moving to Shetland, convinced with my health issues I'd never ride one properly again. 6 years later after lots of private sports phyiso, chiropractors and lots and lots of self-help and determination I've cycled further than I have ever done and achieved so much more than I ever thought possible. Plenty of people have done much more, but plenty do so much less. Pat on the back for me!

And in way of a relaxing reward, as I could still move today, I met my friend Martin at Voe for our first sail in a year!

The conditions were pretty much perfect with a force 3-4 wind, clear skies and no one else about.

We had no particular route planned, it was more of a shake down after so long off the water, but the first leg was down wind to Vementry. Smooth and stable sailing down wind, Martin got some breakfast on...

We saw plenty of bird life including lots of puffins that dived just before we ran them over, but despite trolling with mackerel feathers we weren't to have and fishies for dinner.

It was a glorious 4 hours sailing, though beating back up wind home took it's time!

  Here's our route from a screenshot of  i-boating (UK) a fantastic phone app...

 Nice day...

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