Sunday, 5 June 2016

It's been a bright and breezy weekend and Saturday saw me and Clare off for a walk near Fladdabister while Beren was at a football gala.

It was only a few miles. Parking on the north road into Fladdabister we headed north around The Loch of Fladdabister for the coast. But stopped for a little wander down Mill Burn to see the excellent remains of the old mills there.

 Then nipping across the Bonxie death zone to Dourie we continued down to Scarf Taing on the coast before heading south along the coast. Some impressive coast it is with stacks, goes, caves and some pretty big cliffs along the way.

A breezy walk, but a good one. Once, back in Scalloway we had intended to go to the new cafe, The Cornerstone, but it was jam packed. It's been very popular, too popular for us to get in each time we've gone!

Sunday saw me out early in more strong winds for a 80km/50mile ride out round 'The Alps' and Nesting with a friend.

I'm trying to get some miles, hills and speed in for the Simmer Dim Sportive on the 25th June that follows a similar route. Heading north was a killer with the head wind, but 'The Fridge' on the roadside near The Burn of Lunklet offered some tasty treats to refuel us for the hills ahead.

And the strong tail wind home was just ace!

The sunny dry weather is set to continue a while yet with the wind dropping too; so here's to more walks, cycles and adventures over the summer!

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