Sunday, 26 June 2016

Family wild camp on Bressay

After the Shetland Wheeler's Sportive on Saturday the plan was to pack and have a little family wild camp on Bressay followed by a trip over to Noss. 

We needed to check packing our rucksacks and camping gear for our forthcoming Norway camping holiday so despite the mist we head off on the ferry...

Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Bear Grylls Bear ready to go...

We headed south along the coast a short way from the Noss car park... 

I can't say Beren was the most enthusiastic walker!

Clare hadn't walked this coast before. Pretty spectacular isn't it?

The location was great, but the burn I'd hoped to get water from was bone dry. Despite having a water filter with me I didn't fancy it from the bonxie and black back gull infested loch, but we had just enough water to do us anyway.

 Nearby was a great perch to enjoy the views, watch seals, birds and porpoise and escape the few annoying midgies.

Though Beren had his own midgie defences!

Looking up to the Loch of Grimsetter and Gorie...

Clare cosy in her sleeping bag...

Someone had to get up and make breakfast, so I did. It was a real chore...

And I enjoyed a quiet cuppa on our cliff top perch while Beren and Clare sorted themselves out...

A few pretty flowers...

 We packed up and were planning to get the ferry across to Noss to look around the cliffs, but Bear Grylls Bear was a  lazy moaning bear this morning. Rather than spend a day being frustrated at him we decided to head home. Mission accomplished, we could pack and carry our gear and get us and it in our new lightweight tent.

Norway here we come!


  1. The delights of wild camping - we managed to get away at the beginning of the month with plans to get away again, but weather and work have conspired against us! Excellent photos.

    1. Hopefully circumstances will align and you'll get a good trip. Thanks for taking a interest.

  2. Staying in the Bressay lighthouse keepers cottages was my first taste of Shetland. I was on a bookbinding course but walked up to the top of the hill next to the lighthouse one morning before breakfast. It gave a wonderful view of the lighthouse, Lerwick and turning around out across Bressay. I haven't been back since and Hubby hasn't been there yet in all the years we have been returning. I think we must put that on our 'to do' list this year.

    1. Yeh the walk up behind the lighthouse gives some great views and carrying on out to the guns at the bard and giants leg is well worth the effort. Hope you get some fine weather for your visit.

    2. Thanks. I shall definitely put it on our list. We want to go to Noss too having done the obligatory Seabirds and Seals boat trip. Two weeks today and we will be at the beginning of this year's annual stay. Hooray!