Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sunday fun day at the beach

After a 40km whizz around Kergord on the bike first thing and a swim at Clickimin with Beren we headed off to Meal Beach to enjoy the amazing clam sunny weather we've been having.

It was a popular destination!

Beren had a new shortie wetsuit for playing in the sea and he'd bought a body board with pocket money he'd saved up and some second hand fins he bought on his cub camp on Yell.

Unfortunately beaches, body boarding and fins look cooler than they are easy to use as he found out. He also found out that a cheapo shortie wetsuit doesn't mean the water is magically like a warm bath! Though he did acclimatise once he'd got over the initial shock. As for me it was just shorts and a tea shirt and man up!

Here's a little video of our fun with some cool footage of the common terns fishing around about us...


  1. Yeah it was a great day. It was Levenwick beach for us with just the odd bit of mist now and again. Plenty of bird life..which came out of hiding after the birders had left😏! Even a couple of neesicks to keep the seals company.

  2. Looking like a fine but breezy weekend this weekend too. Hope you get out and have some fun :)