Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A brief encounter with a pair of otters

I was on Papa Stour today and after installing a people counter on and looking at a stile that needed fixing I went out to some other parts of the island.

Just as I was going to sit down for some lunch near a planti-grub I noticed some movement in the water below it and was lucky enough to see two otters slinking into the water. They didn't quite see me, but knew something was there as they snorted and sniffed the air before settling back to their foraging. I watched them go over to an old pontoon and managed to sneak up close to them to get this little bit of film before they went off elsewhere hunting.

I kept an eye out for them as I continued on my travels and later on saw an otter heading for an old mill and lost it there. Though I think it might have had some where to hole up in the ruins.

Not a bad day at the office!