Saturday, 20 February 2016

Lazy slug day

I'm tired, very tired and achy and feeling like I'm on the edge of getting something, so I decided to have a lazy slug day. The problem is I'm not very good at these things, so I was still up and sorting the hens out around 7am, a fair bit of stretching too and a few other house hold jobs. Oh and I crawled about on the floor putting seam sealer on my trailstar tent that I made a short while ago. That left me even achier!

But, I did try to be lazy. I spent  fair bit of time on the sofa, watching tv and youtube videos until they drove me mad and I decided to stretch my legs with a little wander out past Port Arthur. I though I might catch the sunset, but too much cloud came in as I got there...

But I did catch the moon rise...

And I did catch a big snow shower on my way home. Luckily it was at my back so quite pleasant walking back with soggy flakes wafting past me.

Plans for tomorrow are to try a lot harder to embrace my inner slug. Other's in the house seem quite adept at it; I'll have to ask for some tips!

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