Sunday, 31 January 2016

A ride in the snow

Well storm Gertrude came and went. I think the record was something like 105mph gusts! There's certainly been some damage and atleast one van that I know of blown off the road. And in the lee of the storm we've had another cold spell. Yesterday it was pretty slushy yucky snow, but over night it's turned to ice with hale and snow on top.

I met up with a couple of friends from the Shetland Wheelers for a little run out on the mountain bikes. Not a day for the road bike, that's for sure. I had a crash the other week in the snow in the car and I don't fancy doing it on a bike.

We only had one heavy snow shower on the ride and the wind was less than forecast, though still pretty nippy! 27kms around the hills between Lerwick and Scalloway and I felt I'd had enough exercise for one day. Still, it was pretty lovely out, but now its dark and freezing and very icy. I'd better be very careful tomorrow morning on the way to work.

Anyway here's a little video from our ride. Best in HD as always...


  1. That looked good Kevin! We had 108 mph here in Weisdale I could hardly hold my little anemometer......?and then the hail started. Boy was it sore. Kids went out to play in the wind when it had died down a bit.horizontal hang gliding!

    1. Hi Scott, Yeh a nice ride and glad it wasn't that wild on Sunday. Some weather this year

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