Sunday, 20 December 2015

Voe of Bowland

Well I wasn't expecting the good weather we've had this weekend, so I'd been giving myself a thrashing on the turbo trainer during the week and Saturday morning as I didn't expect to get out.

It was sods law it turned out nice Saturday and a late afternoon run to Burra on the bike proved that my batteries were low, so when it turned out even better on Sunday I was not impressed with my lack of energy organisation.

Clare and Beren were busy felting and being lazy Sunday slugs, so I decided to pop out west to near the Bridge of Walls to see if there were any otters about.

I sat for a couple of hours on the cold soggy voe side as the wind built and I chilled, but didn't see any. I did see plenty of seals and a variety of birds, but no furry critters. Oh well it was nice to relax and enjoy the view.

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