Sunday, 13 December 2015

Be careful what you wish for!

So, I've been hoping for a good freeze and last night we got it! Hmm... too good a freeze. I went to go for a mountain bike ride, but the road was like a sheet of ice. I could hardly push my bike along it never mind ride it, so back home for me.

Around 11am the gritters came round, but too little too late really; it'd be freezing up again soon. So I made some soup, a batch of bannocks and after an early lunch went for a walk up 'The Witch's Ward'. Brrrr... it was cold with the ground and tracks frozen solid, but the view was good...

I could see a bank of hail and snow heading in from Foula and the wind was getting gusty so I thought I'd better scarper before the wintery squall hit me. Sod's Law, it came to nothing!

Anyway here's a photo of my reestit mutton tattie soup and bannocks...

And if that's not enough to wet your appetite on e of the batch of pizzas I made yesterday...

There's a meteor shower due tonight. if I can be bothered and it's clear I might go out to take some photos. But at the moment I'm feeling like I need another weekend to get over my weekend!

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