Sunday, 13 December 2015

A night walk on Ronas Hill

It seems we've had an age of gales, rain and sleet. I've been stuck in the office and stuck in the shed on my turbo trainer instead of getting out cycling. To show how bad it's got I did 200km on the turbo trainer in the shed lat Saturday. Character building stuff!

However, this weekend has been still, clear and cold. Yesterday I went out for a bike ride around Skeld with my friend.There was more ice than we expected and so we had to take it very easy, but despite that my friend still managed a low speed fall. Still it was great to get out.

Last night I decided that with the great weather I'd take a night walk up Ronas Hill to see the stars and hopefully some aurora. I put an invite on facebook for anyone who fancied coming, but unsurprisingly no one did. What a treat they missed! No wind, clear skies and the milkway. It was pretty cold and very dark with no moon, but I had it all to myself.

 And there was a little bit of aurora green showing up too!

It's very cold and icy this morning. I might risk a ride on the main roads or see if I can drag Beren out for a walk up Berry Hill. Lets hope for a proper freeze this winter and more icy stillness!

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