Sunday, 27 December 2015

A few Christmas pics

We've had a nice relaxed start to the Christmas break, beginning with a family meal at Baroc before we went to see Star Wars.

The film was brilliant, though slightly spoilt by Beren telling us the major bit of plot just as we were taking our seats! Thank god no one else over heard him; we'd not have been popular!

Santa came to all of us. Of course we're very good, so we were treated well. Though I got a snack pack of dried maggots, crickets, locusts and buffalo worms, so maybe I've been a little naughty??

Beren got a new bike. An uber cool zombie BMX so we took him to the skate park to nail some tricks. It seemed the place to be...

Some 'big kids' who knew what they were doing turned up later which was a great inspiration to Beren and a worry for Clare!

We then went to the new Clickimin paths to try out some luge on Beren's new skate board...

I even avoided a trip to A&E!

It's been nice staying on island this Christmas. Much more relaxed and a lot cheaper with out the travel on top of Christmas costs too. But we have missed seeing family back home. 

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