Sunday, 1 November 2015

Autumn's definitely here...

...and Clare's finished this lovely bespoke merino Icelandic style knit for me just in time!

I was actually supposed to get a jumper for Christmas, two Christmas's ago, but Clare decided she didn't like the pattern in the end and with some gentle ribbing about being owed a Christmas present it was slowly getting it knit, until she decided she just didn't like it.

After a suggestion that if she really didn't want to knit it she should rip it out and knit me something she did like, she did just that. And the above was knit in a flash, no pattern and lots of measuring and head scratching, but I think you'll agree it looks pretty ace. And just in time for winter!

As the title of the post says 'Autumn is definitely here'. We've had a few mild gales and some wet weather with a big land slip visible up on the Kames from a bog burst. Just along the top of that ridge line is where a road and large number of the monster Viking Energy turbines will be going. Not a good sign of stability of the blanket peat up there eh?

Photo from Shetland Times

Last night was Halloween. Beren chose this rather friendly design for his pumpkin...

And today despite force 6 winds and rain I decided to go for a ride and try to ride up the very steep hill to Collarfirth Masts just below Ronas Hill.

I did get up there as you can see, but only with the walk of shame for half of the main drag of the hill. I'd thought the road would be in the lee, but it wasn't. Not only did I have even stronger winds in my face, but a little hail as well as the rain!

Still I had a 52km ride of what was truly type 2 fun with strong winds, rain and hills around an area I've not cycled before. Actually maybe it was type 3...

I'll finish with a photo of the remains of a Catalina at the Catalina Memorial on Yell. After securing landowner agreement I've just got a number of gates in and a signpost to make this walk a little more accessible. I say a little more accessible, as most of the route is over peat moorland with plenty of gullies to cross and the odd bog too. Still if you go there atleast you don't have to do the walk after just getting out of a plane crash like the survivors did,  so no moaning right?!

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