Monday, 3 August 2015

Some weather!

Most of the last week has been pretty stunning weather, Summer even. I've not been out enjoying it though as  mystery stomach issue has seen me laid low for most of the week. Still, it seems to have resolved itself in time yesterday for me to enjoy a glorious afternoon on the bike.

I decided to ride to Levenwick to sample the afternoon teas and meet Clare and Beren there, they took the car. I had plans to have a shot at riding The Ward of Scousburgh or Mossy Hill, though Clare hadn't realised this and thought I was going to be getting a lift home from the teas like the sensible person I'm not!

Anyway I hit the eastern side of Mossy Hill and slowly struggled to the top, no super Alps climbing tour rider here. The top couldn't come soon enough, but once there the views were certainly worth it. What a clear day.

Looking over St Ninian's Isle and out to Foula...

Being such a nice day and seeing as the steeper side of Mossy Hill hadn't quite defeated me I decided it'd be a good idea to descend to Scousburgh and tackle the western side back up. Not as steep, but much longer and not so easy after the ride to Levenwick and ascent of the eastern side. But I did it!

Looking out to Sumburgh Head. Fair Isle was clearly visible too, though not really in this photo...

After that it was just the case of an hour an a half's ride home with a slight tailwind and (for Shetland) searing heat. Unsurprisingly, I'm pretty tired and achy this morning, but it was a great ride, al 73km of it and no emergency pit-stops!

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