Thursday, 27 August 2015

Not much to Yell about...

What a glorious day it was in Yell today and if it stays fine it looks like there's a chance of the northern lights tonight too.

If you're ever up the top end of Yell you'll see a sign for the Gloup Memorial commemorating a fishing disaster in 1881 where 10 fishing boats were lost at sea.

Walk through the gate at the side of it and you'll be able to take a walk up along Gloup Voe, a very steep sided voe with a tidal pool, the Mare's Pool, at it's head.

It's quite a long voe...

Mare's Pool is at this end, but the tide wasn't really low enough for it to stand out.

Plenty of nice camp spots and a little waterfall on the eastern bank side. Another spot to add to the list for easy to get to, but out of the way camps.

Looking inland from the head of the voe. A valley off this valley almost connects to the next place I visited.

 That being the old road from Basta Voe to Cullivoe. It's a core path I've not actually been down as it's just a long track with no signs or infrastructure, but I guessed it was time to check it out anyway. I took my mountain bike for ease and speed, definitely not one for the road bike.

I thought it was quite amusing to see old derelict passing places with their signs and then I saw this sign in what could reasonably be called the middle of no where...

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