Sunday, 30 August 2015

Frankies Chip Shop Charity Sportive

This morning was the 5th Annual Frankies Chip Shop Sportive to raise money for The Fishermen's Mission, Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer's Research UK. With a choice of 10, 20 or 40 miles. I chose to challenge myself with the 40 miler on a fine but breezy day.

Here's everyone ready for the off...

Photo by Dave Phillips

The route takes you from Brae to Voe, then down Dales Voe to near Mossbank and along past Sullom Voe and Scatsta Airport back to Brae. That's one 20 mile lap, so I was doing 2 laps.

Here's me heading up Dales Voe...

Photo by Dave Phillips

The section from Mossbank back to Brae was pretty windy and not a lot of fun. Second time around the wind seemed to have picked up again, but luckily I just managed to hang on the wheel of a couple of other riders which took the sting out of it.

66km (40m)in 2 hours 37min and a 25kph (15mph) average, good going for me and don't I know it! The fish and chips went down well though!

Now to rest up. I'd still like to get in a century this year, but I'll give it a week or two...

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