Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Summer's been and gone.

Well it was a stunning day today. Warm, sunny, windy. Still it was a warm wind and very lovely.

So it was great to be out and about. I was up at Eshaness checking a people counter was recording OK and still in place (2875 people since March) and adding some non-slip strips to some stile step boards elsewhere.

When I got home it had been decreed that the BBQ (bought last summer) would get it's first use...

Despite the lovely red admirals fluttering around the garden...

Summer was soon to end.

But not in a spectacular summery thunderstorm. No, just a decline back into the grey windy wet that hardly seems to have left since the end of last summer. I do hope we get some more decent weather and preferably on a weekend so I can go camping without it being a trial. 


  1. We had a fab walk today around the Fethaland headland, out along the coast and back down the central track. Absolutely glorious and at the end of the walk I was gifted ( offered to me and refused any payment) a beautiful Shetland fleece, freshly shorn. As a spinner it was a gift of gold. We called by Eshaness whilst up that way on the way back. Think you were long gone. We got back to Waas and within 30 minutes the rain hit. What a difference 😀

    1. Glad you're enjoying your holiday and getting about. Yeh it was a lovely day, hopefully you'll get some more like it before you go!