Saturday, 20 June 2015

Simmer Dim Sportive

 Well I've just finished my first Simmer Dim Sportive. 50  hilly miles from Lerwick up to Voe, across the 'Alps Road' to Aith, Bixter, Whiteness, Scalloway and back to Lerwick.

Me and my friend brought up the rear (someone has too) but I still finished in a time I'm very pleased with 4.18 overall and 4.07 moving time. When I started on my plan to do this ride I didn't know if I could even finish it, then I thought I probably could in around 5 hours and today I did it in just over 4 hours! 

Here's the strava data for anyone who's interested.

When I started to to try to get back in to cycling last November I couldn't manage 10km with out major pain in my hips. Physio with Injury Shetland and lot and lots of hard work on and off the bike has got me here. 

The highlight of the ride was a little surprise feed station near The Burn of Lunklet. A road side double fridge filled with cakes and drinks! When we first got there though we thought the cake allocated to the Sportive had all been eaten by the racing snakes in front and we'd just have bananas. Luckily there was still a load of cake left on the shelf below. VERY nice cake too!

I'm rather spaegie now. Sitting down, lying down and standing up is fine, but moving in between those positions is a world of hurt. Hopefully I'll be a bit more mobile tomorrow after a rest and a soak in the bath!

So, what's next? Well the pressure is off now, but I do want to do the Frankie's Sportive at the end of August. That's only 40 miles, less hilly and has fish and chips at the end. However, there has been talk of a Eshaness Lighthouse to Sumburgh Lighthouse ride, but if I do that I'll be doing it as a much more leisurely ride!

I had plans for a Simmer Dim night on the hill top in a bivy. Sadly I won't be doing that, but if I can get out later I might get a few Simmer Dim night photos...


  1. Well done!!! I think we spotted you near Tresta as we drove back to Lerwick to stock up with food. We had to empty the car first as we couldn't fit a big food shop in. It is beautiful here at Walls now with the sun shining. Hopefully the cloud will stay thin and we will get some good Simmer Dim photos tonight.

    1. Cheers. Wondered if you'd got up OK. If there were two people with a van slowly following that was us. Hope you have a great holiday!