Thursday, 11 June 2015

Lamb Hoga, Fetlar

After checking on some stiles and gates being installed on paths on Fetlar I went off to look at the path over Lamb Hoga for ScotWays, the Scottish Rights Of Way and Access Society. They have a project called  Heritage Paths  and the track over Lamb Hoga and then down to Moo Wick on The Head of Lambhoga is one of them.

The track up there leads from Tresta Beach, a wonderful beach...

It was obviously a stone track at some point, but now it is grown over. In fact on the top a lot of it is now flooded and boggy.

Looking back down to Tresta Beach and Papil Water...

And out over Tresta Wick...

The track ends as shown on Ordnance Survey maps but there should be a path carrying on to The Head of Lambhoga and down to Moo Wick. Buggered if I could even find a sheep track, never mind one heading in the right direction.

That splodge centre of the photos is the track end and Whalsay is in the distance across the sea.

After weaving my way across heather and bog -with dozens of dive bombing Bonxies- waving my walking pole to fend of the birds I got within sight of The Head of Lambhoga. It was so frustrating though! I didn't have time to risk going further in case I took too long getting back and missed my ferry. I was just making my way across un-marked heather and bog, not so bad going down hill, but coming back up from The Head would be a lot slower.

Sadly exploring The Head of Lambhoga and a way down to Moo Wick will have to wait for another day...


  1. Sounds like a tent job. Near to Tresta beach would be a grand place to camp. We lusted after the manse when it was up for sale a couple of years back, but just too soon for us. We are locked here for another three to four years. Counting the days down now till our Aberdeen sailing on the 19th and trying not to pack the kitchen sink

  2. Yeh camping out there would be good. Camping at Tresta would be great too, pity the site wasn't there. Pity the site didn't close too.