Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A ride around Burwick

Being a fine evening I decided to go for a little spin to loosen my legs up after the Simmer Dim Sportive at the weekend.

Setting off from home I went up and over to Burwick and then around the coast and back to Scalloway (7km)...

My poor legses were still a lot more tired from the weekend's ride than I'd expected. Exhausted I would say. That combined with some areas of boggy ground, drains and the odd steep and narrow path on the banks made it a bit more of a challenge that it should be.

In fact I wouldn't recommend riding around there. I think I've ran it in a faster time and I've not taken much longer to walk around there. Walking is the best way to enjoy it that's for sure!

Here's a little video of the ride on a rare (this summer) fine evening...

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