Monday, 18 May 2015

Hike-a-bike on Muckle Roe

I've had a desire for a while to mountain bike around the coast of Muckle Roe; no other reason that it seems like a good thing to do! The problem is there's not much in the way of paths and the ground is very steep and boggy in lots of places. Sheep tracks only get you so far and as my cycling buddy for the day said 'Most people think walking around is bad enough!'

I should have been out getting some longer miles in for the sportive, but I fancied a change and despite a stiff breeze it was looking to be a good day. I met my friend at Muckle Roe Brig, little did he know what he'd let himself in for...

Obviously some stunning scenery...

But it was hard work. I had warned him that there'd be a fair amount of pushing the bike due to the ground underfoot and terrain in general, but neither of us expected quite so much of it!

Photo by Brian Gray

It was slow going but fun.

Photo by Brian Gray

But there were lovely bits of riding too...

Photo by Brian Gray

In the end we didn't do the full circumference. We did the west coast to the Hams and then went back via the central track. We were both pretty tired and had had a good enough time to call it a day. The next section back around to Otter Ayre probably has less ride-ability than the section we did, but I'll be back for it some time!

And here's a short video of the ride. Best watched in HD if you can....


  1. We did that walk last year and loved it, the scenery certainly is stunning isn't it? We saw lots of red throated divers on the lochens and a pair with young so were keeping our distance from them. Fantastic to see though. We plan to go back up this year and go up the central track and back around the East side. Just forewarn us if you are up there and we will keep out of the way of flying bikes.

    1. Yeh it is stunning. Muckle Roe is one of my favourite areas of Shetland. I've walked the east side, even kayaked but not ridden. Don't worry if I see you I'll not run you down! Hope you have a good trip!