Sunday, 10 May 2015

Grotty Picnic

After a morning cutting tidying the garden, cutting grass and cleaning out gutters in the sunshine we decided to go for a picnic on 'The Grotty Buckie Beach' on Burra; Sand Wick.

By the time we got sorted and got there the weather was taking a turn for the worse with the wind building and cloud thickening and darkening too. It had been gorgeous earlier.

Still they didn't mind...

Probably knew we'd soon be off their beach...

I had a quick experiment with some long exposures and a 10stop ND filter, but I could see my companions were ready for the off and just in time too.

We got home just in time to get the washing in before it got a second wash!


If you're a regular here you'll know I've been busy trying to get fit to ride in the Simmer Dim Sportive (50 miles) in 6 weeks time. It's the main reason why my posts have been thin on the ground lately. I've been doing a long ride each weekend to build up my distance and fitness for the hills on the route, so it's left me recovering for the rest of the weekend with little time for anything else.

After the ride is done I'll be out and about more and hopefully doing some camps on my bike, both in Shetland and on the mainland of Scotland.

Here's my bike complete with an Alpkit Possum frame bag at the top of Collarfirth in Delting, our latest hilly conquest.

We set off from Kergord and heading west towards Bixter. Sadly before we got to Bixter we had a bit of a pile up. My friend got his wheel in the gutter on the road edge and flipped him and his bike in to the road in front of me, and I road over him and his bike to land further down the road.

We were both very lucky. There was no traffic other than a distant oncoming car that kindly stopped to check we were OK. Both bikes were OK, but I hurt my foot and ankle, got gravel rash on my knee and hip and a nasty bash and lump on my elbow.

I thought my friend had broken his collar bone at first and he'd bashed his  head, but luckily his helmet saved him. Pretty shook up and sore we decided to carry on our ride that took us through Aith, over the 'Alps Road' and up to Collarfirth. We had planned to come back via Nesting but by the time we'd got back to Voe we were both stiffening up and in pain from the crash never mind the riding so we beat a retreat to Bonhoga and a restorative hot chocolate and scone!

Here's our route...

Here's some of our other routes in case you're every up here and fancy some scenic rides on the mainland, though there are plenty of other options.

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