Saturday, 14 March 2015

What a beautiful day yeh!

Friday 13th, unlucky for some,but not for me!

Friday was a lovely day, a bit windier than I'd have liked but a good choice for a day off. I drove over to Park Hall near Bixter and set off for a 40km ride out to the Dale of Walls, around to Burrastow and a few other places.

Just over two and a half hours of hilly riding later I was back at the car and well and truly shattered. 2 mars bars, 2 muller rice, a clif bar and a couple of bottles of water and I was still exhausted and pretty dehydrated. A great ride though. If only I didn't need to up my mileage to 80km for the Simmer Dim Sportive!

After a lazy afternoon of recovery it was out again for South Mainland Up Helly Aa or SMUHA  It was an amazing evening with clear skys, stars galore and no wind as the squads processed to St Ninina's beach for the burning of the galley. This year led by the first lady Guiser Jarl which adds a bit of (un-necessary) controversy. A poll on whether women should be able to be Guiser Jarls in Lerwick is currently running at 69% in favour.

We did have tickets for Cunningsburgh Hall, but our baby sitters son had a stomach bug. As it happens I wasn't exactly jumping at the thought of a long night dancing after my ride!

Here's a few photos from the procession...

And a short video of the proceedings...

And that's that for Up Helly Aas for 2015. Hopefully I'll get to an isles one next year...


  1. Love the photos and video. Glad you managed a good ride after the last one!

  2. Thanks Ellen :)