Sunday, 8 March 2015

Taking advantage of a spell between the weathers

The mix of windy, wet and sleety weather has continued far too long! I seem to manage to get out occasionally for a walk or a ride, but nothing of any significance as the wind has hardly left us this winter and neither has the rain.

Having said that I got out for an hour or so this morning around Sundibanks on the bike.

It was a mix of riding, trying to ride and pushing due to the waterlogged ground and lack of traction. My fitness possibly didn't help either, but that's OK the bike is a multi-purpose mode of transport and sometimes that means an all-terrain zimmer frame for me!

I had intended to go along the hills to Wester Quarff and back along the road, but the wind on top was too strong. I just couldn't ride in a straight line and follow the sheep tracks. Eventually I decided to cut it short and enjoy a nice descent on the way back home.

Here's a short video of my trip out.

Hopefully the weather will improve enough in the near future that I can get out for some decent walks and ride along with a camp or two!

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