Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Not the best idea!

Despite being ill all week with stomach troubles I felt I'd best make the most of a sunny and still Sunday morning to stretch my legs and clear the cobwebs.

I headed south for Burra thinking to try out my camera attached to my helmet. Well I got lots of footage, but I'd got the angle of the camera wrong so most of it was the front wheel and a bit of ground; none of the wonderful scenery!

Stopping above Meal Beach I decided it would be good to cycle round Fugla Ness. I've no idea why it seemed like a good idea, other than the weather making me giddy. I was already exhausted with a very high heart rate in no small part due to me still being run down. Anyway on I went.

I had a great ride, but blimey I suffered for it!

Later in the day and somewhat recovered we headed out to make the most of weather before the forecast wind and sleet arrived. A short mooch around Kergord Woods and a scone and tea at Bonhoga Gallery were just the ticket.

And the weather really did change for the worst! Apparently we've had the wettest winter for an awful long time. Let's just hope we have a decent summer to make up for it and dry the ground out a little. The banks and hills are beyond boggy just now.


  1. Really must get to Kergord next time we are up. We go to Bonhoga every year and talk about the woods...but never get there. What are you like? Take care of yourself! Xx

  2. It's looking very sorry for itself at the moment. The winds have trashed alot of trees.