Saturday, 10 January 2015

Wild winter weather!

It's been wild! I've lost track of exactly how wild, but roofs have gone, buses and lorries have turned over as well as the odd wheely bin. I've heard Gale Force 11 and 12 mentioned but it could be any thing. It is enough to make it bloody difficult for me to walk, easy for Clare to get blown about and not worth Beren getting out the car.

We took a trip north to experience the full storm, though we mainly hid from it in the car!

The Drongs...

 Dore Holm...


We had planned to stop in at Frankies on the way home for a nice plate of fish and chips, but it seemed all the power was off in Brae. No problem The Fort in town would do!

 And just to re-assure you it has been as wild as a wild thing have a look at our little video of the trip north. Brrr....


  1. And I here there is more on the way...

  2. How unlike where I am at the moment. Good to see you Kevin and that's a nice hat too.

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    2. Hi Rev Mugo and lovely to hear from you. Sorry for not being in touch. The weather some what reflects me at the moment! I've been knowing I need to re-connect! _/\_

      P.S. Previous comment deleted as my phone had autocorrected your name!