Saturday, 31 January 2015

Night sky over Tingwall

After a pretty yucky day I went to put the rubbish in the bin and, as they say on FaceBook, what I saw next blew me away...

Sadly it didn't get any better while I was there and then the northerly gale arrived with sleet. Still it was a lovely evening while it lasted despite the very weak aurora.


  1. Stunning, you are so lucky. Looks though we will have to wait a few years yet to relocate ...our youngsters now have postgraduate course wishes that we would like to support. Ah well, I will feast on your blog in the meantime and stay patient. Our turn will come ☺️

    1. Thanks. That's very good of you! You up again this year?

    2. Yes we are up for 3 weeks this time, staying over on the west side again near Walls. Will be there for Simmer Din again and then the next 3 weeks. The cottage we love will be going up for sale after we leave...sadly too soon for us or we may have been tempted. We are on our own this time so plan to get over to Fetlar again if we can on a Phalarope hunt 😜 . We had to cut it short last time as daughter was not feeling well.