Sunday, 14 December 2014

Snow gaets and sheep gaets

On the first snow day of the year my friend and I set out for a whiz around some tracks he knows on the local hills.

Well, it was intended to be a whiz around, but snow, ice, peat and interesting tracks made the 23km take 3 hours. My lack of fitness may have had a hand too. Unlike Colin, I did have to push a few sections, though to be fair pushing was just as quick as riding!

Here's a map of the route...

And if you click here you go to a page with more details, though google maps never seems to agree with my GPS entirely!

Looking back to the Burradale Sisters and Tingwall Loch from the Hill of Steinswall...

Passing the large cross on the Hill of Steinswall on our way to The Scord above Scalloway...

And here's a short video of the ride including a minor crash from yours truly! Apologies for the quality. It was too cold to mess about setting up shots with a tripod and to be honest, we couldn't be bothered. We'd still be out there now if we had!

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