Friday, 19 December 2014

Papa Stour by bike

Having some work to sign off before Christmas along with a couple of issues to look at I set off for a day on Papa Stour. When ever I visit Papa Stour it seems to be marginal weather and this time didn't disappoint!

Atleast the car didn't need strapping down this time...

And what's that hanging off the back of it? My new bike. Thinking to save my poor old knees I thought I'd use the bike for work, apparently I can even claim mileage, though I don't know if that get's paid in mars bars and double deckers!

Going clockwise around the island I visited much of it, popping in here and there and I ended up wearing a lot of it too. I still need some mud guards!

The weather was truly horrendous at times with the wind and sleet and hail. At other it was just cold and windy allowing me to enjoy the views.

 After just over 3 hours in the saddle I was wet, cold and thankfully back to the car where I had a dry warm set of clothes and a full flask of tea. Pity the heater in the car is so poor, I had a bit of a chill, so was please to see the ferry returning to take me home for a hot shower.

Still not everyone has a day in the office that involves a bike ride around a beautiful island in mid winter!

I even managed to make a little video of my trip on my action camera, the sound quality is terrible, but I hope the views aren't.

Best in HD...

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