Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing (Day) Seals

On Christmas Eve I had a nasty bike accident while out with Beren on his bike. Of all places it happened on the emergency helicopter landing pad for the hospital! 

While playing chase around the helipad my chain snapped and left me dramatically head butting the floor and lying in a crumpled heap. Luckily I had my helmet on or it would have been a very different story, but as it is I've spent Christmas in a lot of pain with cracked ribs and lots of bruising and pain all down my left side not to mention feeling pretty poor in general. Just  my luck!

The metal of the chain actually split! Not good on a bike less than 1 month old and not in any sort of challenging situation...

On a positive note, my back is fine!

Anyway desperate to escape the confines of home and feeling sorry for myself for not being able to enjoy the wonderfully icy, clear, still weather of the last two days we drove over to Lerwick for a Boxing Day treat of soup and hot chocolate at the new cafe, Fjara, near Tescos.

Not a bad view...

Afterwards I gingerly wandered along the icy road to look at the seals. It was a gorgeous afternoon, but I was in enough pain walking so wasn't going to venture too far in case of a fall on the ice.

It was worth it though, seals were out sunning themselves and it was literally a breath of fresh air.

A bit of a lovers tiff going on here I think! Boxing Seals...

 It's not many places you can go shopping, have a cuppa and get so close to lounging seals!

We're off sooth tomorrow to see family. I had hopes of a couple of ventures while away. A night up the woods in the hammock at an old spot from my youth and a mountain bike ride with my brother, but it looks like an evening at the panto is as exciting as it'll get with my incapacity. Talking of which I'm going to get off here as it's bloody killing me sat at the PC.

All the best for the New Year where ever you are!


  1. Oh dear you are in the wars. Hope you have a good time with the family and a better 2015!

    1. Thanks Ellen. All the best for 2015 for you too

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