Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Witch's Ward

I'm back in the land of bad backs so it's been another pretty lazy weekend. Saying that we did get up to the Witch's Ward above Scalloway...

It was a lovely day after the horrendous weather at the end of the week and Beren wanted to show us where he'd be told people were buried up there! If they are they've got a great view...

Later today I popped in to see a friend which ended up with a short motor out along Olna Firth, a couple of lines dropped (and two tiddlers caught), a grounding on a rock and a lovely sunset as we motored back to Voe...

I also took Beren to the little bike track at Sandwick on Saturday. Considering he's a been a late starter on his bike he's getting quite confident, in fat too confident for is own good at times!


  1. Hope your back improves soon xx

  2. Sadly it's just taken a turn for the worse and I've had to come home from work. More docs, chiropractor and frustration for me :'(

  3. Oh no what bad luck. Thinking of you xx It was so lovely to meet in person in the summer, even if it was by chance��