Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hill of Arisdale and the catalina memorial; Yell

Yell is one of those places that many people seem to dismiss in terms of landscape, how wrong they are!

I had a few reasons to be up there looking at a path to the Catalina Memorial and other things around the Hill of Arisdale. So setting off from the Burravoe Road I made my way up Aris Dale and was soon greeted to the lovely sight of this double rainbow...

The next 2.5 hours were pretty wet and very windy though. With sodden ground and peat bogs to cross it was hard going, but there's always something to brighten things up like The Burn of Tronamoor that I had to cross...

Following the white marker posts across the moor heading into driving rain at times was no fun and it didn't stop once I'd reached the memorial. Luckily my camera phone is waterproof so I got a few of the remains of the wrecked catalina. The boat plane crashed on the hills in January 1942 with the loss of seven crew, though three survived.

Looking on to the crash site with aircraft remains spread across the moor...


From the memorial site I headed up hill to the summit of the Hill of Arisdale, at 210m it is the highest point on Yell and also classified as a 'Marilyn' hill, a smaller type of Munro.

By the time I got to back to the car I was feeling pretty damp and cold and still so when I got back to the office. It was an interesting and useful trip out though and a good walk in better weather.

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