Sunday, 2 November 2014

A first visit to Gletness and a little sail

Gletness in South Nesting is one place I've not visited yet despite having been many other places around South Nesting. I have seen it from the sea, but that doesn't really count.

Being a nice morning I thought I'd have a quick run out there to take a photo or two and also catch up with friends who live there. Lucky things; it's a wonderful place right on the shore with a number of islands to hopefully dissipate the high seas that can roll in there.

I liked this little shore shelter some one had built there, although the wind was the wrong direction for it to do much good when I was there. 

May be it's a spot to sit and look for otters? I did see some otter prints on the beach ...

Here's the North Isle of Gletness with Hoo Stack and it's lighthouse in the distance...

I've also been for my first sail in a while. It was forecast force 5 winds or more and Martin and I thought we'd take Märta out for a little potter to try her storm sails out. As it turned out we were lucky if the wind hit force 4, but being too lazy to change the sails we just had a sedate sail around Linga and back and very nice it was too!

With good south-westerly we had a lot of tacking to get out of Olna Firth...

Here's a little timelapse of some of the sail; my camera battery ran out after a couple of hours and 1900 photos!

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