Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pano-drama at Hillswick

I just thought I'd post a few panoramic photos from the west side of Hillswick ness.

This first one is a monster of a photo from Sand Wick to Brae Wick, Eshaness. The original is a massive 25394 x 8425  and 118mb crop of a stitch of 37 (3 rows of 13 photos plus one extra) handheld 70mm photos. My PC nearly had a heart attack doing them in photoshop, but it was worth it! 

I've no idea what to do with such a monster, you'd need a big wall in a very big room for it,  but it's fun zooming in on the original to see all the detail that I didn't even know was there.

Here's another big panorama of The Drongs taken at 70mm with around 17 (3 rows again) photos stitched together, but this one is a tiny 65mb...

I think I prefer the black and white...

And finally 1 photo of The Drongs with my 10mm Samyang lens, very dramatic...

But I'm not sure the black and white treatment adds to this one...

Cheers for popping by and feel free to comment :)


  1. The colours and light in the first one are just beautiful.

    1. Yeh it was a lovely afternoon out there

  2. Love the 10mm Kev, great wide shot buddy..:)

    1. Yeh I really like the 10mm lens though it's not as dramatic as the 8mm I had, quality of images with it is excellent though.Cheers