Monday, 13 October 2014

John Boynes Burn

'Shetland on Camera', a Face Book group that share's photos of Shetland had a theme of 'Burns' this weekend, so a bit late in the day I decided to try to take a series of timelapse videos using slow exposures of the falls going up John Boynes Burn which is just off the Brig O Fitch.

It wasn't as easy as I'd thought though. What with wind, water spray and the soggy boggy ground that meant both my tripod settled as some of the sequences were taken and even though I stayed well away from the tripod my movement was translated over the ground.

I also ran foul of having enough battery, annoying as I had another 2 batteries at home.

Anyway back home and many hours of processing and rendering later I have this small series of timelapses. There were more series I had to ditch and some sections had to be shortened I've learnt plenty for if I decide to do a similar thing again, possibly not to bother!

Anyway turn your sound on, watch in HD and hopefully enjoy this short video and thanks for dropping by...


  1. Kev timelapse always take forever to render, ( did you use Lightroom ?) was worth it buddy, great shots.

    1. Hi Terry, yes I used Lightroom 4 in combination with LRtimelapse to do the actual timelapses and then Pinaccle 15 to put it all together. The pain is the is being very organised and lots of waiting for different elemtns to finsh, the actual time having to do things isn't so great.
      GLad you liked it and thanks for commenting :)