Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bannocks and Hammocks

Clare was on a yoga day course today, so Beren and I went up to Kergord Woods for a bit of dirt time, hanging the hammock and baking some bannocks on the fire.

The bannocks were yummy, just self raising flour, dried milk, baking soda, brown sugar and raisins mixed with a bit of water in a bag and then cooked on a hot stone over the fire.

While I was busy making the fire, sorting wood and baking the bannocks Beren was content to hang out in the hammock with his toys and seeing how much of a tangle he could get in to in it. It zips up and I got a couple of calls to help him as he was 'lost' in it and couldn't get out!

I did toy with the idea of a trip to Frankies afterwards, but couldn't be bothered with the extra drive, so we headed home for a wash and a change of clothes before flopping on the sofa instead! A nice lazy Sunday...

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