Saturday, 11 October 2014

A little otter spotting

Clare's away for the weekend with her work mates and Beren's away on his first Beaver camp, so I thought I'd go and see if I could see any otters for a few hours before high tide. I headed up along Lunna Ness and began a slow mooch along the banks...

It wasn't long before I saw one in the distance and watched and waited as he headed my way. I was trying to film the otters on my DLSR, but found it very hard to locate them by looking at the rear camera screen along with using a telephoto lens. It was harder still when they were close.

The one heading towards me turned towards the shore just behind a little spur of land in front of me. He looked like he might have food in his mouth and instead of just sitting and waiting for him to eventually come my way I tried to sneak over the bank to watch him. As I got to look over the bank he was just heading back in the water and then did a double take noticing me. Blown!

I sat back down and watched the bubble trails in the water as he came around to see what it was on the bank. Boo! He popped up and looked at me from only about 10ft away before disappearing again along the coast.

I did see some other otters, but always too distant for me to film and I watched a seal too. It was a lovely few hours spent outside before I called it a day and left at the tide was getting too high. If it's dry tomorrow I may go out again earlier to have more time with low water.

Here's a short video with some footage of the otter above in it...

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