Friday, 4 July 2014

I may be some time...

Well the big day is upon me. After a long time coming and a lot of planning I'm off to Greenland tomorrow for 2 weeks solo walking and camping. What an adventure and one I never thought I'd ever do.

Just getting there is an adventure in itself. Over night from Lerwick to Aberdeen on the ferry, train from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, brand spanking new tram to Edinburgh airport, Easyjet to Reykjavik, Air Iceland to Kulusuk, and Air Greenland helicopter to Tasiilaq. 

Tasiilaq is an island on the East Coast of Greenland, just over 65 degrees north. As you can see even in summer there are still glaciers up in the mountains, and often plenty of ice in the sea too. 

The 1:100,000 map I'll be using along with a GPS and compass...

My backpack has had it's final pack and weighs in at 19.7kg. Hopefully that's accurate to save and expense and hassle at the airport. I'll have a regulation size carry on bag too with all my camera gear, electronics and other bits and bobs in it; that's 8kg, the limit for the Air Greenland flight.

So that's me ready for the off!

After the fortnight in Greenland I'll be with Clare and Beren for a week in Fife before returning to Shetland, so in may be a month I'll be posting pics of my adventure.


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  1. Woo-hoo - what an adventure!
    Can't wait to see your pics.